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Clark County District Court Judge, Dept. 3

The 2020 Primary has changed to an all-mail election!

Nevada plans to conduct an all-mail election for the June 9, 2020 primary election. All active registered voters in Nevada will be mailed an absentee ballot for the primary election. Voters will be able to mark their ballot at home and then return it by mail using a postage-prepaid envelope or by dropping it off in person at a designated county location. You will receive your primary ballot in the mail May 1st You must fill it out and mail it back or drop it off at a designated location. This is the only way to vote in the 2020 Primary Election.

Make sure you fill out your mail-in primary ballot and vote for Adam!

Martindale-Hubbell Adam Ganz

“Mr. Ganz is an excellent trial lawyer. His knowledge of the law and effective advocacy make him one of the best in Clark County.”

– Anonymous Judge responding to Martindale-Hubbell Survey

Words from Adam at the Department 3 Judicial Debate

“Qualifications not only in the number of years of experience, but qualifications in the areas of experience. I have nearly as much legal experience as both of my opponents combined.”


The Nevada 2020 Primary is an all mail-in election. Make sure you return your ballot by May 30th, 2020!

A Few Words About Adam Ganz

Years of fighting for justice on behalf of regular people against powerful corporate interests makes Adam Ganz uniquely  qualified to be the best candidate for District Court Judge, Department 3.

Adam is a lifelong Vegas resident with  20+ years of trial experience making our community safer by fighting for consumer’s rights and social justice. Adam has extensive experience owning and operating small businesses, as well as involement in several community non-profit boards. He knows Nevadans!

Watch Adam in the Department 3 Judicial Debate


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